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  1. Dear Andrew,

    Which part of the world are you now. Recently I am in south sudan refugee camp working for plan international UK.

    Still keeping in touch with you

  2. no worries ,check this link out PM if you want to know more,


    cheers jeff

  3. Hi Both, I hope you are doing great. I am fine thanks to God. I am excited to tell you, I have a new job at International Rescue Committee jut now.

    best regards, Belay

      • Are you in the states for a while or is this still part of riding around the world ?

        On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 4:49 AM, Andrew and Dianes Blog wrote:

        > rimorterra commented: “Hiya Jeff half hour south of Omaha Nebraska USA!!!!” >

      • hey when are you guys free for a chat online , have something cool I want to share with you ?

        On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 4:49 AM, Andrew and Dianes Blog wrote:

        > rimorterra commented: “Hiya Jeff half hour south of Omaha Nebraska USA!!!!” >

    • Thank you Dear Andrew, Now I am in Benishangul gumuz, western tip of Ethiopia. I am child protection Officer for South Sudan refugee camp. How your historic trip is going on? I hope you are enjoying it. Your one of the wonderful person ever I meet in my life and will never forget you.


  4. Hi Guys, this is Julian from Colombia, sorry I couldn’t say bye to you guys but I don’t like to say Good bye, I like to say see soon, better. It was a pleasure met a couple like you. Hopefully I will see you guys again in Estates or any where in the world. Say hi to everyone at the farm, miss every one.

    Julian Amezquita

    • Hi mi amigo great to hear from you, sorry for long time to reply, don’t often get on line here. good you goy back safe. Farm much the same, however a lot cooler! Stay in touch and we will catch up either here or somewhere in the future. best wishes Andrew.

  5. Hello Andy and Diane, I hope all is well with you. I am still very interested to keep in touch with you from Ethiopia and to keep you as a friend and familiy.

    My best wishes!


  6. Happy Christmas from all of us here in Perth. IT is Dam HOT at the moment, trying to get all the jobs done before 9 am Rob sends him best wishes too. Hope you are having a great time XXX Chris and Jon.

  7. Hi A and D this is amazing to be able to keep in touch. We are enjoying the start of summer here, of course and we still miss you both very much. Had a bit of a horse accident 6 weeks ago so right arm injured and Jon doing lots of meals and walking Mitzi. Good luck with rest of your travels. Love Chris and Jon xxx

    • Hi guys! Lovely to hear from you.
      Very jealous of your warm summer, we arrived in Canada where we are spending the winter….. Getting to -5 at night which is scaring me. You know I’m a heat person, missing that and Mundaring!
      Sorry to hear of your fall, I reckon its hard to hang up the hat, thankfully we did not get hurt in any of our falls on the journey north.
      Rub Mitzi’s ears for me, love and hugs to you both, say hi to all.
      Andrew xx

      • It is so long since we heard from you. Have been a bit worried. Jon and I seem to be just as busy as ever. Where are you both??? Rob and Ahliya have been up today hoping to see them again soon XXX love Chris and Jon xxx

      • Hi guys, yes apologies for lack of communication, I have to come to the farm house to get on line. working ten to twelve hour days leaves little time to chill out. apart from sleeping. been in Nebraska for ten weeks or more, Will send an email with more detail. say hi to all and keep in touch xxx

    • are you guys on FB

      On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 4:04 AM, Andrew and Diane’s Blog wrote:

      > Chris Hope commented: “Hi A and D this is amazing to be able to keep in > touch. We are enjoying the start of summer here, of course and we still > miss you both very much. Had a bit of a horse accident 6 weeks ago so right > arm injured and Jon doing lots of meals and walking M” >

  8. Hi Diane and Andrew,

    It’s Neil and Janet. We met you at a gas stop just south of Carmel in CA this past Sunday. Neil was able to find your blog, as we were so impressed with your travels! We would love to keep in touch, as we enjoyed our short, but interesting conversation! We will follow you on your blog, but would love to hear back from you! Safe travels! We hope that you enjoyed San Francisco and were able to get to Alcatraz!

    • Hi both,
      how very nice to hear from you! I’m very pleased that you were able to find us.
      Thank you for your appreciation of our little blog site.
      Yes we did make it to ‘The Rock’, very worth while visit, spent half a day there, loved it!
      We managed to get into town for a day and enjoyed the sights.
      Yes keep in touch and maybe see you on the road.

      • So great to hear back from you! We hope that your continued travels are going well! If you ever make it down to San Diego, please let us know! Lots of nice things to see and do down here! Take care, and safe travels! We’ll continue to follow you on your blog!

        Neil and Janet

      • Hi guys, we made it to our winter stop over in Canada on Wednesday 28!! Great scenery, cold, bit wet & snow to come…. Will be able to update our diary here, good internet. Enjoy your warm winter. best regards, Andrew

  9. Hello A & D from Houston! We’re still talking about your visit to the BMW Motorcycle Club of Houston while you were staying with Ron Richards. Your visit, photos and chat with us was terrific. Some of us will watch your progress here with great interest, thinking maybe someday we’ll follow in some of your footsteps. Safe travels!

    • Hi Dick, one and all,
      It was a pleasure meet you all and I’m stoked that you enjoyed our chat, (talk). We are heading to Oklahoma on the 21st to follow 66. would be great to ride with those that can spare the time!!
      Best regards to all.
      Ride safe

  10. Hi Both Just back from UK and Germany so letter will be sent tomorrow feeling a bit jet lagged today. Keep in touch, and when are you planning to be back in UK. I think we should meet up with you there???? xxx Chris and Jon

    • Hi Lex Great to hear from you.
      Thank you for your compliments, still talk about our time with you guys in Guatemala, my battery is stating the bike like new!! Diane had to replace hers in Texas ten days ago!!!
      Say hello to one and all from us.
      Andrew and Diane

  11. Hi Diane and Andrew,

    Fun to see the blog of your travels. We’d love to talk to you about visiting our place when you are in Northern California! Thanks for writing to us.

    Daisy and A Madrone Ranch in California

  12. Hi guys…Thankyou once again for the number-plates you have sent to us over the past four years. Both Melony and I miss the two of you. Hope to see you one day soon Keep sending the plates….they are up in our kitchen. LOVE Dale, Melony and the girls.

    • Hi both, nice to hear from you! Keeping our eyes open for your plates in South America, hope the different Australian state plates made a worthwhile addition. Will visit for sure when were next in Cape Town!
      Love and hugs from us both

      • Hi Both where are you. Have been thinking about you and hoping you are safe and having a great time Chris and Jon xxxx

      • Hi to you both too!
        We crossed the Darian Gap (bikes by water, us by air) and all were re-united last Tuesday. Took a mere ten hours with customs, started our day at half four and put the tent up at nine that night in a tiny, quiet village an hour & a half out of Panama. till July 11 or 12 we are looking after a backpackers in Arenosa, on lake Gutan. Mangos and Avocado trees all around, hanging with fruit… Heaven! Just this morning discovered Skype calling so will try you soon. xxxx

  13. Thank you.yes everything is as it is. The fig is believed as the symbol of Gondar twon it is very old tree.I will send you the picture if I can borrow camera from some one.

    It is to say non governmental organization that I want to work as a social worker.
    Do you think andrew! Africa is beautiful only for visiting for me it is difficult to compare it with Australia. I would love to work and live there, if got the chance and help from some one.

    The summer is coming here it is colder and nice weather everything is green.

    • That would be good if you have time to take a photograph, we would be able to put it in the picture gallery of Ethiopia.
      Once you have finished your studies you could apply to the Australian Government for a working visa. You may have to get your qualifications recognised here. I think an Australian resident could sponsor you, but they have to be family…
      It is a lot cooler here to which is easier for riding, when we get the chance!
      best regards, Andrew

  14. Thank you .Yes I’m in Gondar and I have one year more to finish my social work(MSW) study then I will try to work for NGO’s if I can get a are in australia that is nice.

    • Hi Belay, does Gondar still have the wonderful market in the centre of town? I remember the huge fig tree on the circle near the castle. I was so impressed by it I failed to take a picture of it!!
      Forgive my ignorance but the abbreviations I don’t understand. What work do you hope to be doing once you finish your studies?
      Australia is nice, we are in the north of the state and even though its heading for autumn its is still thirty five degrees in the day. We will really feel the cold when we move on, which we both want to do now. Australia is a lovely place but not as attractive as Africa in our eyes. We hope you had an enjoyable Easter.
      All the best, Andrew

    • Hello Belay, lovely to hear from you again.
      Wonderful that you are well, are you still at study in Gondor?
      We are still in western australia, working for the moment.
      I’m at work now and will write more over the weekend.
      best regards Andrew and Diane

  15. Hi Diane and Andrew!!
    How lucky we were to have met in pine creek,nt. Enjoyed a babbling wine or 2 and a beer. Said you would visit, when you got to Victoria and you both did. Thanks for coming and staying with us, and sharing all your stories and laughs. More then welcome to come and stay again, there will always be a warm bed and a good feed. You know where the keys will be. We will keep following your great journey, and keep in touch. Jack and Dot.
    Go Rimorterra.

    • It was a pleasure to have met you both and to stayed with you at your home. We were privaliged to be invited to your birthday Dot and meet your lovely family. your hospitality was truely amazing and your cooking was wonderful. We dont have a key or even a door but when we do it will be open to you both.
      Andrew & Diane

  16. sounds fair there has been lots of rain, each time i have been home , and we have hit the hills on the dirt bikes wet but no dust which is good fun. my new adventure bike arrives in 3 weeks so next time you are this way we can go for a ride for sure. this part of Australia is amazing and nice rides.Im back to wickham tomorrow . keep me posted on your trip and have fun .cheers jeff

    • Sounds great Jeff, we will do for sure.
      Enjoy your new toy eh?
      I think you can subscribe to the blog and have an e-mail sent to notify you of updates….. or I could just e-mail you????
      all the best mate!!

    • Hi Jeff, sorry to have missed you. We crossed the mountains to get dryer but cooler weather. Has worked so far!!! Did you have the rain that Sydney had?? We are in Melbourne and head west tomorrow, Monday. We will get back over to Queensland for sure in a summer or so, we really enjoyed what we saw.
      Enjoy your warmth in the north

  17. Hi andy and di hope all is well ,great to see you travelling again and seeing the world , all ok at the HMP. St .ives Engines and great to see 2 bikes must be great are you working clockwise around aus . or where ever you feel like jane sam and tom ok ,sams getting an expensive drummer but hey ho hes into led zepplin [respect] hope evrything is cool and be safe ill try more contact soon catch you later

    • Hiya guys,
      all is well with us, we are in Brisbane and heading south into cooler, possibly wetter weather 😦
      better than working though. great to hear that hmp sise iis still holding inmates, i’ll bring a cake with a nine inch disc cutter inside and get you out for a beer. not working on the road, no fruit to pick. have been offered work south of Perth when we are done travelling here. Cars this time, not trucks…
      It hit +3′ last night!!!! bit like uk but 20’+ in the day
      Queensland is great, more varid than W.A.
      Enjoy your summer
      A & D

  18. no not security just a envious KTM rider/traveller ,that Im at work and you are riding lol, you guys are inspiring like so many others enjoy the ride, when you get near coffs harbourwhich is NSW not QLD, let me know a few weeks before even a month and i can try and be there to show you around. have fun send some pics of your adventures.

    • Hiya Jeff,
      will give plenty of notice be great to have a tour guide!!!
      we are up dating the blog today with pics and diary, well trying to…..

      • no worries even if i cant Im sure someone in my network of rider mates nearby can show you around.

  19. Greetings nomads, how does it feel to be underway again. Glad to see Diane has seen the light and lined old soichero hondas pockets.
    Enjoy part 2 of the great adventureand ride carefully. Keep shiny side up and greasy side down!!!!!

    • Hi all! wishing you the best from sunny Broome.
      Yep great to be on the road again, here we can camp out for free at road side 24hr stop overs which will help the funds greatly. Met some some great folks already, the bikes drew heaps of attention at the mall in Karratha. Just like the old days. Much better than working LOL. Glad to see you have subscribed, I’ll try to write somthing worth reading,
      Enjoy yer bike this summer…..

    • Glad to read that you have FINALLY found the fabled box of frogs.!!!!!!!! Or frog.
      Bank holiday at base camp, weather great, bike off road, l/h fork leg peeing oil.
      Boss doing moonwalk next weekend, 26 miles. See ya.

      • Yes, poor frog. Reckon its OK now though. Bad news on your leg, have to get it done quick to catch the weather….
        26 mile moonwalk should be something to behold, make sure it goes on U-tube. Enjoy A&D

  20. hi nice meeting you guys yesterday and thanks for the chat , its great to speak with people whom have gone and done it .
    good luck with the ride if you end up on the east coast near Coffs Harbour, let me know thats where i fly in and out off and you can grab a hot shower Dianne lol…. cheers jeff

    • Hiya Jeff, yes good to meet you too. Thought you were security when you stopped and were going to throw us off a restricted site!!! Did not realize you were from QLD. Hope to see you in six months then. Dont work too hard.
      All the best Andrew & Diane

  21. Hi Andy & Diane, Thanks for this – We’ll find time in the coming days / weeks to have a better look at this, but for now send our Best Wishes. All’s well here. Jen is about to move house to another, better one, close by her present one in Credenhill. So we’ve been helping her and Kath with their various issues. Karen continues to paint and is doing really rather well at it, and maybe turning a corner a bit to give a small commercial flavour to a few pieces.
    Best Wishes, Chris & Karen.

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