The Big Thank Yous


I wish to thank people for their help in making this trip of ours easier and possible.

James Winters and family of Hemingford Abbots for using their splendid barn to live in and to have the space to spread out all our gear, sort it, pack it and make bits for the bike. We could do all of this in the dry, warmth and light when outside all was dark wet and cold. It was a splendid gift of time and space.

To Selwyn an Nicky Sharman of Hemingford Grey, for putting up with me, looking after my gear and my head, and being really good friends,  using their computer and telling me what is good bad or ugly. And for the wonderful evening of drink, food and more drink.

To Tony Fenn of Preston-on-Wye, for looking after me and my van and for being my brother.

To Elizabeth & Patrick Fenn of Hereford for understanding why I wanted to go on this trip.

To Paul Fisher of St. Ives Engine Services for allowing me unlimited use of his work shop to  weld and fabricate the boxes and frames on the bike,  general maintenance and pochin about!! & Andy Jakes for telling me when I really was not being sensible.

To Nigel Verity of St.Ives,  for the fitting of a Starcom advance intercom unit to our bike,  supplied by Tecstar Electronics, .  Also to Nigel for picking us up from Bar Hill when we had our first puncture the day before  we left the UK fitting the new tube out of hours.

To Denise Birch of Ely for looking after Diane’s artefacts and belongings.

To Dayna and Gary of Fen Drayton for looking after Diane’s mail and being splendid friends.

To Martin and Pepi who’s  hospitality  and friendship  was an oasis in Germany

To Sam Manicom,  without his experience ours maybe would not have occurred.

Those are the pre trip thanks, on the road we have met a few folks who went the whole nine yards and put up with, and helped us well above normal hospitality.


Grant and Susan Johnson of  Thank you for allowing us to contact like minded folks in southern Africa through your web site and being a reliable source  of current information.

Abri in Swellendam, (who gave us a home twice), garage space a welder and the technical support to repair and modify the panniers racks. Putting me onto the right repair shop to rectify the bent side stand. Collection of tyres from Cape Town, fitting and puncture repairs on said tyres and tubes.

Johan and Niki in Worcester. They gave us time, some tools and garage space to service and clean our trusty bike.

Dale and Malony in Cape Town who gave us shelter (on two occasions) before we left.

Charlie and Fiona in Howick.

Tony, Friedle, Tim and Siggy, in Durbs

Terry and Dorriane, in P.E.


Rob, of various address in Freo area for getting us to come to WA in the first place, diamond gezzer!!!!!!!!!

Chris and Jon of Mundaring, WA for looking after us when we arrived in Oz, giving us direction, bed, food and great company, looking after our mail, the list goes on for years!!

Colm and Sandra of Bullsbrook, WA. Gave us a bed and a big feed on our last day before the big off. And for being great people. On our return we stayed again and had a relaxing time cutting fire wood and carrying out ‘the big service’ on the KTM. On more than one occasion……

Terry and Dorriane, now in Geraldton, WA, Bed, food, wine…

Alan, from Albany, but works Karratha, WA  and Kev from Tamworth NSW. for our guided tour of Wickham, bed and beers.

Peter and Kay Forword from Maroochydore QLD. Bed, twice!! the chance to connect with nature, sleeping in the rain forest.

Chris from South Headland, Camping and beer.

Jack and Dot from Melbourne, bed, feed, beer, birthday party, great times and fantastic memories.

Alan, from Albany. Again!!! for being a great guy and getting us the work in Wickham.

Dave Spray from Trans-global shipping, Kewdale Perth., Address: 20 Valentine Street, Kewdale WA 6105, Phone:(08) 9353 6344.    for always answering emails within half a day, a fountain of knowledge, and telling me when he was unsure, tea, space and STUFF to pack our bikes for the third leg of Rimorterra, aka the Americas, hopefully……. use these guys for shipping. Awesome.

Central America

Guatemala, Iron Horses. Lex for picking us up and taking us to Moto City for a new battery for KTM Chino for a place to sleep and explore the city and be shown the sights. Arturo and the rest of the club for welcoming us into their world. A true one off experience!

North America

Texas, Houston. Ron & Kiki, great people that gave vast amounts of time and showed us the highlights of Houston. Fantastic to be allowed spend time with such lovely people. Also Bill (for our first cash donation) who persuaded Diane to shoot a .22 pistol and later a 9mm. thank you  for the opportunity to shoot for an afternoon. where better to shoot than Texas!! Thanks guys!

Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Eric, to whom we only spoke with for half an hour at a car wash bay, our second cash donation . Thank you Eric!