Day89 Saturday 8th January. 2011

The crossing was quick and very easy, the road surface was fantastic an we bowled along at an enormous speed of ninety kph. The rolling hills were covered in lush greenery and trees, with huge rocky out crops poking through the tops of the trees and heading for the sky. Where our road joined the lower Malawi to Tete road we stopped for a Pepsi and foolishly bought some cakes off a guy from Mwanza. I say foolish because they had no taste, just as the bread, but oddly they were not sweet!

Arriving in Tete we rode around town to find a site to stay on, our GPS mapping said of two in town so as we wanted to experience the big city and stock up on items such as contact lens solution and find a faster internet to upload photos on the blog. The first camp ground told us that there was no toilets for campers an under no circumstance could we use the hotel ones, the swimming pool that could have been lovely was very green, and a room was eleven hundred Metica. After riding around for half an hour town did not offer any of the items we needed to buy so we headed back across the Zambezi river bridge to the second site. It was right on the river, which made us nervous of mozzies, and looked a real dive but the owner was very friendly and made us welcome, had a chat then left us in peace, only returning to offer us a hammer for the pegs, nice thought. We were plagued by flies till dusk then the mozzies moved in and broke through our nets and gave us hell all night, neither of us could sleep due to the heat so every bite we felt and suffered. At day break we got up and packed, and the flies came back as their kinsmen left, not a restful night.

Day90 Sunday 9th January.

At the bridge a guy with a wonky eye tried to get ten USD off us for the toll, as we had already been over it twice the day before without paying, I was too tired and grumpy to put up with him so told him no way was I paying as its a free bridge (even though our Tracks for Africa mapping did say its a toll). Ok he said, ”are you coming back over then” I lied yes, so on our return we must pay fifteen USD. If it saved him face that fine by me but I had no intention of returning as our route lay west.

We rode through more lovely green although the mountains were growing as we climbed higher. We stopped at Changara for fuel and pepsi and then moved on to the boarder. We both feel that we should have done more in Mozambique but after talking to people who had been in the country for a few weeks, the general opinion was the coast was the best place to be. We had spent more than enough time for us by the water in Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania, the humidity was a little too much for us so we headed inland and higher ground.

Our boarder formalities took almost two hours, our longest yet. Not through problems but through officers being through interested in the trip! We had to pay sixteen USD to get the bike into Zimbabwe, six of it was a carbon tax, how fast people jump on the ”green” wagon. Once through we headed for the capital of Zimbabwe.