Day 1. Monday 11th October 2010

After meeting Nigel at his work and fitting the intercom we rode to Tesco to pick up Diane’s glasses. as we turned off the main road a felt roofing nail found its way into the rear tyre, I thought this was most unfair as I have had three flats tyres in twenty five years, the first at nineteen years old the second at forty four years and today! Bastard nail. Sat by the kerb with a beer a guy in a van stopped, wow he’s going to help me. Nope he wanted directions to bar hill industrial estate. Thirty minutes later he came back and asked if I would leave my bike and show him where he wanted to go. He was surprised when I said no as I was having a vehicle breakdown and was not really interested

Mr. Verity arrived and took us back. Puncture fixed we went to the pub and drank beer. Calling in at Garry and Dayna then Selwyn and Nicky, we got back home at ten thirty.

Day 2 Tuesday 12th October

After two hours of final packing we hit the road at six fifteen in the morning on Tuesday 12th of October as hoped. A  little too accurately to be told as at the end of the lane I took a wrong turn and had to do a “U” turn and lay the bike down on its (not named the KTM yet !!) left side. Result of a dented right hand water can and dented confidence. We wobbled our road to Dover and was in plenty of time to discover that our ferry was delayed by two hrs due to a dock workers strike in France.