Day 3 Wednesday 13th October. 2010

The morning  was a culture shock as we woke to a frost covered bike and 2.5 on the thermometer, it was a cool ride to Munchen with alternate light fog and sunshine, but dry, perfect. We arrived at Martin and Pipi’s home at dusk which was about as late as was wanted. Welcomed in we had a lovely evening of chat food and a shower, much appreciated and much-needed.

Day 4 Thursday 14th October

Woke early and had a slow breakfast with Martin, as Pepi was at work already.

Caught the Metro into Munchen and walked and walked, lovely city. Just as I had remembered Germany, Munchen is clean polite and feels safe. Nice easy day after riding!!

Day 5 Friday 15th October

We were recommended an outdoor shop ( where we may be able to find silk thermal socks for us both and gloves for Diane. Can recommend this establishment for kit as it is very well stocked with most things you could wish for.

Decided to change money to USD here too, mistake as we should have done it in UK as here have to change to euro then dolla, lost a small heap of cash, or maybe we did not get as mush as we could have, sounds more positive!!! Walking from bank to bank and asking questions of the staff was a welcome break from riding and a nice way to talk to people. As you can see in the pics a few churches were visited.  A  visit to Asamkirche  for the stunning  Barque interior and  Frauenkirche for a trip to the top of one of the towers at ninety-nine metres gave spectacular views of the city. As we emerged from the base of the tower a solo female singer could be heard, we watched as the priest headed a precession down the aisle. A few folks took photos. The singing was akin to a folk lament. I was to intent in listening to her to think about photos, this was a good thing, as they turned to go out through the East door a coffin came into view, it was a funeral lament, was I glad that my camera stayed in the pocket!!

By six we were foot weary and broke our golden rule and headed for a bar, to drink out is expensive and we are trying to save cash by living cheap, but zwei groesse bier was much appreciated.

On our return to the apartment Pepi made a delicious birthday dinner for me, well us. Later  a cake the size of a small table was produced and a lovely evening was had, especially by me!!! Thank you both again.

On our way to bed I found my phone and read a Happy Birthday text from my  daughter, Elizabeth. Aint she so sweet!!!!

Day 6 Saturday 16th October

Nice slow start to the day, a Bavarian breakfast was enjoyed with beer of course and the morning spent writing this and naming photos etc.

Day 7 Sunday 17th October

We rode to close to Brenner pass with Martin and Pepi in the  rain. After coffee at a café they know we headed off to Austria and more pleasant weather.