Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Day 215 Sunday 15th May. 2011

Arriving on time (six am) and completely knackered we stayed at the posh hotel near the airport after a lot of messing around, deciding whether its best to go to the city and get a cheaper room or stay near the runway! After having a long, hot fantastic shower sleep (or unconsciousness) was enjoyed for a few hours.

The train was taken the seventy clicks to KL. It was spotlessly clean, inside and out, fast and almost silent apart from the wheels sizzling on the rails, (our  Dad would have loved to travel on this diverse modern adaptation of his beloved steam trains).

Once the journey to Perth was booked I realized that the Petronas towers are in KL so on leaving the monorail station we enjoyed the walk to find the twin towers with the famous bridge between them. Being clad in stainless steel or possible titanium as the Guggenheim Museum is, in Bilbao, it stood bright and clean with its slightly tinted glass office windows. Alas once inside the last tour of the bridge and view point platform had sold out long ago as they limit the numbers each day. Arriving back outside in the hot humid afternoon an electrical storm had blown up and the sky was full of crackling thunder that echoed around the high rise sky scrapers making it sound a great deal louder. The lightning was astounding with bright white arcs of light as spectacular as the ones in Namibia. After the rain finished, we had an enjoyable walk around part of a city with a little more character than Cape, which for me was a little too European.

In one of the Chinese malls we had prawn and noodle soup for very little money. I have eaten lots of spicy food but this was very different and very nice, will look out for a cook book on Malaya cooking.

By night fall the train back for us was a thirty minute sleep.