Day 2026 Monday 2nd May
Leaving at eleven, later than we would have liked, due to change of the clocks, an hour forward into mountain time. Porridge was devoured with the traffic whooshing past and rumbling trains in the back ground interrupting the bird song.
At a one in twelve climb the two lanes went into one, I was amazed / horrified to see in my mirror a semi coming up on my left, trying to get in front of me before the road ran out. Due to the climb it started to fall back, however that did not deter him / her from trying to pull over to the right, where I was. That’s when I am thankful for the power to open the throttle and begone.
On the road side the telegraph pole some eagles had made their nests on top of the cross beam, small white heads could be seen looking out, often just one in a nest.
Sweeping through high high mountains, topped with snow, avalanche warnings decorated the road side and rock safety nets were very frequent.
A few speed traps were along this road, while I am not a fan, I hope it slows up some of the motorists traveling at thirty and forty clicks over the limit. We climbed up to Lake Louise, while parking the bikes in the packed parking lot I became aware of three American tourists taking our pictures. Not that I minded, but it became kind of invasive when they came up close with long lenses. Diane had left for the three hundred metre walk to the lake shore, I was left to be interrogated.
The iconic lake was not as pictured in the coffee table books, as it was still frozen! That was something I never thought of…
A camp was taken at Banff campground for thirty bucks, due to needing to wash our riding gear.
Day 2027 Tuesday 3rd May
Leaving Banff tourist town in cool clear sunny morning was a delight to be riding. Also leaving behind the Rocky Mountains, log cabins, emerald lakes and crystal blue melt water rivers. Hello to flat plains, clapboard homes and wind. Passing through oil fields with nodding pumps and a ranch fence with a baseball cap on top of every post for two clicks! A workman’s red hard hat and an orange cycle helmet stood out bright amongst the faded fabric ones.
Looking get close to the border but not to cross it we found a great free camp at Waterton Camp ground. It was in a state park that as usual charges just to enter it, however today, as it was very early in the season there was no staff at the gate and none on site. Only two toilet blocks were open but for the number of campers that was fine. The new grass was long and uncut so made for a very comfortable mattress. Unlike the cracker dust of last nights Banff camp. The park was very well treed with ten to fifteen birch trees in an area giving plenty of shade. The firs only remain on the high slops now.