Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky


Day 2150 Saturday 3rd September
Big departure day, the alarm I set was for Sunday, dumbo! So I woke just gone six, with bike packed I stopped at the moose to say adios to Ed, he said .”been a great pleasure meeting and working you”.
So by seven I rode out, the cool air on face face felt good and soon I was on the interstate heading east. I had no idea how far I would get, probably not as far as St. Louis. I got to two hours from Nashville!
As the flat plains of Nebraska and Iowa turned into rolling hills of Illinois and Kentucky, with trees and wild sunflowers next to the highway, it was chilly for me to start with, day brightened to a sunny thirty, bliss.
The road was mostly fairly deserted, aside from St.Louis, where a three car shunt held me back. One guy did a U turn to head back, with a cop car behind him, silly bugger!
Diane went to Denver from the farm, she said it was faster on your own? As I always ride slow I thought I would try to out km her, she did probably eight hundred, our biggest was down under where six fifty was the best (worst) day.
The clock was at one thousand and thirty six clicks when I stopped at my camp spot.
Normally I slouch along at eighty to one hundred clicks today I was one twenty five to one fifty, I really enjoyed it, tomorrow is gonna be slower. I thought maybe three days
Eating my rice and corn I have had so far six visitors asking of the trip and they all say “where you from man, your bike is so cool”? I made too much foodI was glad I left out the tuna, though I would have it for breakie but I wanna get packed to night as much as possible.

Day 2151 Sunday 4th September
After a long day I managed to get a free camp at Kingdom Come State Park, it was a nice place, I managed to camp under a canopy, with lights, in case of a heavy dew. As I cooked darkness fell and I heard twins breaking and leaves being moved, bear, possibly. Folks earlier had said that the come up there to bear watch, they all said that they would not bother me.

Day 2152 Monday 5th September
Left at day break as always and made it to Charlottesville and took a K.O.A. camp close to the museum. Riding to the gas station without the red bags and cooking gear the bike felt wonderfully light, winding fast around the curves was fantastic.