Day 1799 Friday 18th September

Just as we crossed the state line, taking a long look at the ‘Welcome to Mississippi’ board I was shocked to see a semi lying on its side, underbelly to us on the central divide of the highways. It was facing the direction of travel and had attempted to to cross the rope wire fence, a good part of it was flattened, maybe stopped the truck? Maybe not. The driver was sat on the verge looking very shocked, understandably. A couple of vehicles had stopped so we motored on, relived of our delay at the gas station. Its a scary world out there.

We missed our free camp and ended up at Percy Quin State Park, where we enjoyed a fire, chilli and garlic beans and bread.

As I continued to keep our fire alight a three axle fifth wheel trailer pulled in, a young lad of maybe eight, skateboarding the parking lots asked the guy why he needed such a big rig, the guy replied “well son I’m from California and that’s a long ways from here, so I need my air con, bed and my fridge”. The young man replied to his elder by saying “well these folks have nearly travelled around the world on two motorcycles and they ain’t go no big rig with beds, fridge an’ all, why do y’all need all that crap”! The guy looked shocked and replied “cos I’m close to fifty sonny”! I grinned at the young boy in bright green clothes and said “me too, love my bike”. He laughed and ran back to his folks with his dog, shouting “hey mom those guys on bikes are sooo cool”! I made no eye contact with fifth wheel trailer camper man, tending my fire, looking busy.

Day 1800 Saturday 19th September

We were up and packing in the grey pre-dawn gloom, the birds we also up and filling the air with familiar music that I had not heard since we left the UK. Riding in the cool air as the sun came over the hay filled fields was a fantastic feeling. I reckon you just don’t get that feeling in a vehicle.