Day 1816 Monday 5th October

Riding back to the highway we thought we had missed the rain as the roads were wet and skies clearing.

Stopping at a bike store in ‘Vegas as advised to us by Jim, we ordered four tyres (tires, eh Jim?) and enough oil to swap out with our long overdue service schedule.

While we were in the store the sun dried out the roo skins we have on our saddles, and all looked good with blue skies and pale sunshine. When we left however it turned dark and half an hour later the heavens opened. Nevada only gets one hundred mil’s of rain a year, we were told, but when it does, it comes. Soon the storm drains were full and so were my boots and leather clothes, (no waterproofs on now). The drains were full of black water two hundred mil deep rushing to fill parched, dark tunnels beneath the ground.

Arriving at Jim and Mari’s we were soaked through and keen to get wet gear off and warm up in a shower. Within an hour the bikes were garaged in warm place due to the boiler being housed in the the same building, and we were clean, warm and dry.

Went out for supper and had a genuine Las Vegas burger and fries.

Day 1817 Tuesday 6th October

For the last few weeks my coat zip had been a pain, the teeth did not mesh often, so taking advantage of the hospitality Mari and Jim gave us to stand still for a while, we took my coat in to have a new zipper fitted. We called in on the local Triumph dealer that Jim had sought out and bought a ten sixty wieght oil that hopefully will cope with the colds of Canada and the heat of the states next summer. We also stopped at the tyre store, and big result tyres were in stock, also a fifty percent off winter gloves saw us a little more prepared for the coming cold.

Back at home I dropped oil and filter and removed Diane’s rear tyre. Calling it a day when our lovely hosts cooked a wonderful supper on the briaa, fish, chicken, potatoes and salad. We ate outside and watched Jack the dog playing with an old black rag in the garden, which turned out to be one of my socks!! No damage done though, to Jacks sense of smell or the sock..

Day 1818 Wednesday 7th October

Woking ‘early’ I fitted the rear tyre and installed Diane’s front tyre, oil and filter. Then being called in for breakfast. I can tell you life does not get better than this! Lots of great company and excellent working space.

After a great feed I dropped my oil and filter, fitted my front tyre and installed the new oil and filter.

In the evening Jim took us for a drive down the strip and the bright lights of Vegas.

Day 1819 Thursday 8th October

With the bike maintenance completed we picked up my coat coat and some cans of leather feed and water proofer for my pants, coat and our new gloves.

Spending the afternoon packing up most of our gear. Jim dropped us at the strip and we walked up and down taking in the sights of tourists and the over the top casinos. Not playing a nickel the walk back was a welcome opposite to the lights and obscene extravagance of the city, in my opinion…

Day 1820 Friday 9th October

Once again we left good people, friends behind and headed for Death Valley.