Day 1813 Friday 2nd October

The RV park at Mexican Hat did not take in campers, the desk guy told us of a good place by the river where free camp “should be ok”….

We rode the compact sand and enjoyed a peaceful free night, with a spotlessly clean long drop loo the far side of the car park.

Waking in the early hours by the shear silence of it all I felt compelled to go and see what stars were visible in the desert with no light pollution. I was not disappointed, the vast darkness was speckled with bright points of reflected light from a million far off other worlds. Going back to bed I lay and listened to the faint roll and wash of the river.

Day 1814 Saturday 3rd October

Riding out in the cool of morning we wanted to have eggs, waffles and coffee at the RV park where the guy had told us of the free camp, give back a little for the information. However the store was closed and we had average coffee from the gas station, served by un-friendly local girls. We were not sure whether it was because we were white or that they had to work on a Saturday which may have been a holiday as a whole lot of local guys and girls had been in buying beer by the case load.

Leaving there, heading out towards Monument Valley we were not disappointed by the huge scenery on display, the sandstone rock wind and water carved over the millennia was a sight to behold. Our only set back was being asked for twenty bucks to gain access to a market ground where we could buy local made keep sakes. Ready to buy but not to pay a fee for looking we turned and headed west again. The museum we visited, where many western movies were shot and movie stars came and went, was amazing to think we were once again standing where the famous had once stood.

We made our way south and left behind the dramatic landscape behind.