Info for Central America

Lakeside Fishing Lodge, Arenosa. Panama. N09.041804 W079.948735

One and a half hours from Panama city on the Pan Americana.

These co-ordinates were accurate to five metres from the wrought iron gates.

At the bottom of the hill look for concrete ranch style fence, silhouette cowboys on the chain link fence a little further on, on a corner to your left. TURN LEFT HERE. Up a slight incline on a dirt road, the wrought iron gates, (were black) are at the end of the fence line on your left. You just got here easier than we did. Great location on the lake, very peaceful village, with a fish ‘restaurant’, good food cold beer, and a small store for smokes and????

Cold showers, great kitchen and rooms, most have private shower rooms. Cost? No idea, we house and dog sat for three plus weeks in exchange for a room. The owners hope to have meals and fishing tours set up soon, (late August 2015??). Camping should also be on the agenda. Half an hour off the Pan Americana, well worth the detour for half a week or more.

Playa Las Lajas Panama N08.169669 W81.867352

bargained for 25 USD$ per cabin.

Nice camping ground under sugar cane leaves roofed sun screens. Unfortunately for our bike they were not water tight and the got soaked as it was the wet. Right on the ocean flat safe shallow beach. Nice cafe and bar area, though we did not eat the food looked great and heaps of it. Well worth the ten km detour off the highway.

Sun Dancer hostel, Costa Rica N09.2501 W83.861549

25$ per room. Manager reluctant to give change…

Rough co-ordinates, but close. Nice place, close to beach. No undercover parking but bikes were secure. Linen, sink and room clean, shower tray not. Cold shower.

Villa Pacande 3km north of Alajuela, Costa Rica N10.047637 W84.209346 Tel.(506)2441-6795 Cell (506) 70381892

We bargained for a price, but I think the standard was 30 USD$ for a great room with a HOT shower, first for many weeks! Breakfast of fruit, local coffee, toast and cereal was included and lots of it! The owner, Ramon was very relaxed about me carrying out a water pump overall repair on my bike. No under cover parking but very secure. A welcome 45 minute walk to town, 3km. Half way was a good super marcardo and hardware shop. You can buy what ever you need in town, Lying Planet slated the town but we loved it!

Sol Verde 10km north of highway Costa Rica

Good camping, 9$ per person, wood & plastic ‘tents’ for 25$, rooms 51$. Ideal for N.P. Rincon de la Vieja. Clean, outside kitchen. Cold shower. Could use more toilets and showers if it were full. Friendly helpful owners.

GM Granada, Granada Nicaragua. N11.93059 W85.96208

26$ per room. Bikes under cover behind locked gates close to reception area. Clean. Shared cold shower. Kitchen. Swimming pool, free pool table, cold fruit drink on arrival, nice thought. Central for town, good food shops 750 meters north.

Unnamed hostel, Somotillo Nicaragua. N13.04746 W86.03044

On right at the end of town, if you go over the bridge you have gone to far! 15$, aircon! Cold shower, clean-ish it was ok. Walk to town for food. 6Km from border.

Near El Cuco El Salvador N13.15989 W87.93222

Good camping Great food on the beach

Cabinas del Danial El Salvador. N13.93737 W89.02484

Nice calm mountain town bargained for 20$ cold shower

Hostel Tienda los Sanchez Suchitoto El Salvador

Clean,15$ cold shower, great place and bar next door was awesome

Termales de Alicante hot tubs. El Salvador N13.90389 W89.82209

Good camping and hot tubs to soak in $13

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala (heaps of hostels)

cold shower $20. Very expensive secure parking $32 for 18 hrs

Coban National park Victoria, Guatemala N15.47509 W90.38283

15$ camping, secure parking, cold showers, fairly clean toilet block, lots of mosquitoes, walking distance to a nice town

Roadside hotel with camping near El Rancho, Guatemala

N14.913773 W90.100082

15$ camping, cold showers, secure parking, good restaurant and good food, lots of swimming pools.

Hostel Riva Bella Panajachel, Guatemala N14.745233 W91.15188

25$ triple room, hot showers, secure parking, town centre

Hotel Tikal San Marcos, Guatemala N14.966056 W91.807374

22$ cold showers, clean, secure parking, close to food shop

Hotel Fenix Tapachula, Mexico N14.908912 W92.264036

54$, posh hotel, warm showers, town centre, great Chinese over the road 14km from border

Hotel Colonial, Comitan de Dominguez, Mexico N16.253757 W92.135095

25$ clean, hot shower, secure parking, nice town centre

Mayabell Hostel and camping, Palenque Mexico N17.48745 W92.037995

Camping 12$ clean, hot showers, no poo roll in toilets, charged us a dollar for two mugs of hot water for tea…. lots of daybreak noise from dinosaur park, roars at morning, snores at night…..

Motel Posadas Minatitlan, Mexico. N18.006034 W94.554464

31$ under cover secure parking hot showers, food stalls within fifty metres.

Hotel De Talavera, Puebla, Mexico. N19.044856 W98.200774

40$ walk in 23$ internet! Undercover secure parking, hot BATH! & shower, town centre location, breakfast included pre cooked ‘toast’, jam, butter, ‘coffee’

Hotel El Mirador, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. N20.908109 W100.738149

Secure under cover parking, thirty minute from centre of town.

40$ week days 50$+ for Friday/weekends. Apartment not a room. Nice place.

Central hotel in San Luis Potosi, Mexico N22.15206 W100.97388

Secure undercover parking, 40$, very central.

Hotel San Jorge Coahuila, Saltillo, Mexico N25.423968 W101.00301

secure undercover parking 40$ central, hot shower.

Motel central Sabinas Hidalgo, Mexico N26.503926 W100.17626

26$ clean, pleasant, central, good for border.