Information for South America

Casa Torices Real Cartagena       N10.434426 W75.530667. 50,000,clean, hostel style kitchen, secure parking, cold private shower, rougher part of town.



Aluna Hostel Santa Marta            N11.240735 W74.210191. 80.000 without air con 100.000 with. (We were fine without) private shower, clean, usual hostel style kitchen (needed larger waste bin), good sleeping. No parking, secure undercover four blocks away 8.000 p/n for both bikes.


Salamaga Lube/truck stop. Roughly N7.379133 W73.17856825,000 clean, bit noisy, (but hey its a truck stop!) cold private shower, good cafe. Great owners.


Hospederia el Ocobo Villa de Leyva N5.628796 W73.52812570,000 clean, quiet, secure under cover parking for three maybe four bikes, in great old market town, good walking and El Focil one hours walk.


Hotel Casa Virrey, Zipaquira N05.023106 W074.005367 50,000 Peso. private shower,clean, quiet, had a window looking onto bikes under cover behind locked gates. Warm shower. Good staff.


Fresno truck stop camp         N05.154553 W075.049313 25,000 Pesos clean simple room, hot shower no secure parking, bikes outside window. Cafe next door dinner was 12,000


Plantation backpackers, Salento   N04.639726 W075.573338. Very quiet, 50,000 clean, good hot shower, on coffee farm, interesting three hour tour/talk, nice town.


Hospdaje Buga                         N03.8988053 W076.303148. Incredible noisy on a Friday night (bar upstairs), 40,000 Peso, clean, simple, cold shower


Hotel Popayan Inn , Popayan.      N02.439797 W076.608352. Very quiet, 60,000 Peso private shower Hot water, clean, nice staff, helpful. Secure undercover parking across the road, 12,000 per 24hr.


Hostel Kundor, Chachagui           N01.364744 W077.286355. Very quiet, 50,000 Peso shared shower (had rooms with private shower for 60,000), swimming pool, bar/pool room


Hotel Flores. Otavalo.                     N00.23036 W078.26127. Noisy, $25 double room, private shower. Plenty hot water, kitchen for hot water for own tea/coffee only. clean and in the middle of town, ideal for Saturday market. Secure bike and vehicle parking


Hostel Casa Helbling. Quito.           S00.20606 W078.49161. Very quiet, $32 double room shared shower. Plenty hot water. Good full kitchen. Clean, great staff/owners. Good restaurants, cafes near by. Walking to new town fifteen mins. Old town $3 by taxi.


Hostel Oasis. Riobamba.                 S01.67539 W078.64453. Very quiet, $26 double room private shower. Plenty hot water. Clean, double burner stove sink.


Hostel Macondo. Cuenca.                S02.89334 W079.0073. co-ordinates for Pizza New York on left, hostel twenty meters further on right. Very quiet, $30 double room shared shower. Mostly hot water. Clean. Breakfast excellent, lots of it.


Hotel unknown name.           Roughly S4.04937 W79.65033. Only hotel in town, on right of main road. Very quiet, $18 double. Clean, plenty hot water good parking in garage but struggled to get cars out so we could leave, reception not helpful at all.


Hostel Nariwalac. Catacos. Roughly S05.26763 W080.67696 On en jr. Arequipa 769.  Quiet, 50 Soles double private shower/bath warm water 0830-0930 only. Good garage parking. Five min walk to town.


Hostel City Mar, Trujillo.                  S08.14218 W079.05352. Quiet 50 Soles double private shower, clean, plenty hot water, good parking. Near ocean but not beach 5km to town.


‘The Convent’ Lima                         S12.18102 W077.00121. Very quiet, 30 Soles double, private shower, clean, plenty hot water, kitchen good parking. South of main city.


The Masion Suisse, Nasca Lines.   S14.85086W074.95865.   Quiet, 40 Soles camping, use of room for good shower, clean. Opposite air port for flight over lines


Eventhig or something close, Chala. S15.86594 W74.24683 on left opposite big glamours hotel. Quiet, 45 Soles double, private shower, clean, plenty hot water, great ocean views from room, nice owners, use of kitchen but not freely given, ask nicely. good parking, fish market on quay.


Sibayo                                     S15.48933 W71.46155 Quiet, 14 Soles Pension house we slept ate, good parking and a bed, nothing else going for it!


Inkaclub hostel Cusco.                     S13.51577 W71.98183 Very quiet, 100 Soles double private shower, clean plenty hot water, good parking, breakfast, close to busy market and museums.


Arequipa Hotel, Puno                 S15.836904 W070.027861 Quiet, 50 Soles, for double, shower cold water, clean, town centre secure parking,


Iquique Backpacker Hostel             S20.22795 W70.14731 30,000 Peso, double Quiet, Clean, hot water, shower and small bath tub! Close to beach, secure parking but kept moving bikes as they were in the way of table tennis table!!


Copiapo unknown hostel, but lovely town! Quiet, 30,000 PesoTown centre, clean, showers good once the boiler was repaired.


Hugo Herrera                             S29.357561 W071.050303  ‘LAS HERRERA’ Km 550 Pan Americana highway. Very friendly owners and helpful staff. Self contained cabins with private shower rooms and toilets. Beautiful setting amongst olive groves only nine hundred metres off the highway (550 Km marker) to the west. Fantastic restaurant two minuets walk from very secure parking, for motos too. Lots of friendly pedigree dogs so no stranger comes close to your vehicle.

Cell 83792188 Home 95518381 e-mail


Termas Socos                    Roughly S30.71267 W071.45665 signed off highway. Very quiet, 13000 Pesos Camping on sand, great hot tubs and swimming pool, only thirty minuets given in private hot tubs, shame, otherwise really good to soak in hot water.