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Sallma Camping (30 E.P. p.p.p.n.) own taxi to town for visa etc at sensible price.  RECOMMENDED

N29 58.220 E031 10.606

Rezeiky Camp (40 E.P. p.p.p.n.) (two on map but look for large, tall blue metal gates set back from road twenty or thirty metres down a slight alley way affair!! nice place, hard sell on food!)

N25 42.682 E32 38.919 or N25 42.653 E32 38.840

Adams Home (20 E.P. outside the walls and 25E.P. inside, but get the price first as may change his mind, 7km from town and ferry office!! good clean site)

N24 10.133 E32 51.958

Desert camp. Marked on T 4 A, but there is bugger all there, nothing but sand. Stayed one night under millions of stars

N21 45 305 E31 23 245

Blue Nile camp (13usd p. two p.p.n. Not good showers, ok place, grass camping and gated)

N15 31.479 E3234.178

National Camp site (we did not use but others said much better than Blue Nile, they stayed in both)

N15 31.485 E32 34.175

Tim and Kims (think 500 birr pppn. Cost us two 50usd for 4 nights, one meal and beers good everything but approach road 30km of hard work a bike, but I cant ride very well (RECOMMENDED)

N12 14.116 E37 17.536

Blue Nile Falls. (gave a donation, NOT A CAMP SITE, ITS TOURIST INFO CENTRE. Allowed us to camp no facilities, water now and again, camped in garden, bike inside gate, we had great 2 days

N11 29.177 E37 35.673

Asheton Hotel (Lalibela) (150birr per twin/double room, nice small hotel good shower en suite, gated yard, 4×4 spaces) (RECOMMENDED)

N12 02.042 E39 02.958

Lake Hake (110 birr p.2p.p.n.smelly loo, awful really!!, did not find shower,steep mud path down to lake and site, struggled to get up and out in morning, had rained)

N11 19.540 E39 41.292

Wims Holland House (cant remember cost, too much beer, maybe 500 birr per tent…excellent place all round, 4×4 yard and grass camping food and beer and Wim!!! are very good. (RECOMMENDED)

N09 00.604 E38 45.305

Norwegian Missionary School (100birr I think p.2x p. p.n. NOT A CAMP SITE, so be POLITE and ask if you MAY camp .nice place, monkeys and hippos, honest!!)

N07 02.371 E38 27.705

Jungle junction, (great place, great guy, Chris. free wi fi, repairs available safe and friendly, 500 ksh p.p.p.n. (RECOMMENDED)

S01 17.327 E36 45.636

Twiga Lodge (Tiwi Beach) (600Ksh p.p.p.n. relaxed site, fish and veg sold on beach, (RECOMMENDED )

S4 14.488 E39 36.139

St Augustine B&B Voi

(approx as not on map but ask at garage or Vision hotel on main road, mention you NEED peace and quite, and gated parking (recommended)

S3 23 233 E38 34 224

Honey Badger (gated safe, good site, grass camping, gravel yard for 4×4, 1550Tsh p.p.p.n RECOMMENDED buy beer in their shop not the bar, free pool table, terrible condition but fun)

S3 21 074 E37 23 035

Maserani Snake Park (1600Tsh p.p.p.n. Includes entrance to vivarium, well worth a look around, gated safe, huge site, beer 3000 Tsh per bottle, good food and showers ok, RECOMMENDED)

S3 24 592 E36 28 997

Twinga Lodge Ngorongoro (3200Tsh p.p.p.n. gated, safe, swimming pool grass area big site, RECOMMENDED)

S3 22 471 E35 51 910

Peponi Beach 1600 Tsh p.p.p.n. Safe, guarded, relaxed, good food, beer 2400 per bottle, good for middle of nowhere, (RECOMMENDED)

S5 17 230 E39 03 937

Gas Station just north of Msata. NOT A CAMP SITE, we filled up and asked politly and they asked why?? but did not mind in the least, just very curious why??

S06 19 851 E38 23 400

Econo Lodge & Safari Lodge, Dar-es-salaam) 27,000Tsh. didn’t use safari as found Econo first. Had locked garage for 6 to 8 motor bikes, clean and ok. Good for city. (City not so good though)

S06 49 062 E39 16 891

Gennis Hotel & Camping Ground just south 2km outside Mikumi Nationl Park. 13,000Tsh. looks like new place, clean and good grass to camp on rooms also. Good food market near by.

S7 23 824 E 36 59 878

Unknown name!! 7,000Tsh from the north just outside Makambako, on the right. clean cheap, but had no water even though we asked for room with shower!! Co-ordinates rough but close.

S8 49 073 E34 50 475

Mufwa Lakeside lodge, 500MK p.p.p.n. not sure whether its old or new!! good site but needs money spending on it .fine for one night.

S09 56 244 E33 56 678

Blue Star Backpackers lodge. 500MK p.p.p.n. Nkhata Bay great place, free wi-fi but a little slow, gated, safe, approach road not for the faint hearted (RECOMMENDED)

S11 36 236 E34 17 954

Nkhotakota Pottery & Lodge. 640MK p.p.p.n. Good clean and gated, good food at fair price, camp right on beach and able to have a small fire on sand. (recommended for one night)

S13 03 059 E34 19 519

Lilongwe Golf Club. 700MK p.p.p.n. Clean, safe, gated, bbq area on each plot. Town centre easy walk, Mozambique embassy our reason for stay.(recommended for 1 night)

S13 59 658 E33 46 162

Dedza Pottery 640MK Clean, safe, gated, (recommended for 1 night)

S14 22 281 E34 18 136

Tete camping site. 400MK  Basic, gated, safe, clean, right on river bank, on right down dirt bump road, you’ll think its wrong. Corrugated steel gate. (OK for one night, nice guy but we thought costly)

S16 09 320 E33 36 023

Selous Hotel, $40 cheapest and safest in town. Clean ok for town one night Dont look else where, courtyard with guard. (recommended for 1 night)

S17 49 343 E31 03 363

LOST S18 52 328 E31 27 907

Great Zimbabwe Ruins, folks slated this one, we loved it $15 to get in $5p.p.p.n. to camp we had it to ourselves, stayed two nights!!! masvingo is ok for food shopping. (RECOMMENDED)

S20 16 291 E30 55 844

Bulawayo City camping (was Municipal Camping)$6 p.p.p.n. (on leaving charged $3 p.n. for the tent, no mention of that at the start!! beware) Has 2 bath tubs in each block and tons of hot water!! GREAT. Clean, safe gated and ten mins walk from town centre. (RECOMMENDED) .

S20 09 547 E28 35 640

Sikumi tree lodge, dont do camping but they let us, ask politely and you may be let in, lots of animals come into the area (saw zebra and baboons, but they have cats and elephants…) excellent place,tree top chalets superb, lovely management. (RECOMMENDED)

S18 37 395 E27 07 701 (co-ordinates are for the turn off the road, it well signed up a 4km dirt road)

Shoestring Backpackers. $5 p.p.p.n. Town centre and Victoria falls all easy pleasant walking distance. Good facilities, swimming pool and bar, beer$1 per 330cl good atmosphere lots of young folks here backpacking (we stayed 4 nights) (RECOMMENDED)ps its not on any of our mapping stuff…

S17 55 573 E25 50 117

Panda camp $4 p.p.p.n. 100 km from boarder, easy stop to/from vic falls. Good showers, beer $1.30, 330ml. Good one night camp, fuel near by, South 2km.

S18 32 168 E25 37 748

Old Bridge backpackers, Maon $5 p.p.p.n. Out of town but excellent camping, bar food and showers. Beer $1.40 330ml.. Good facilities in town and pleasant to walk around.(RECOMMENDED)

S19 56 669 E23 29 317

Chameleon Backpackers, Windhoek. $10 usd. p.p.p.n. Town center, excellent showers, all you can eat cold breakfast included, pool!! beer $1.50usd. Camp on sand though, book in advance as only two tent camping room. (RECOMMENDED)

S22 34 428 E17 04 890

Tiger Reef Camping, Swakopmund. near beach camping, bar next door, beer $150usd, grass pitches, basic but ok, the only camping we found in town (1km). Good showers.

S22 41 048 E14 31 625

Cardboard Box, Windhoek. Same as Chameleon prices and beer. but set b-fast of two pancakes, not all you can eat. we struggled to swop p-cakes for toast!!!!!!!!!!!(RECOMMENDED)

S22 33 751 E17 04 540

Keetmanshoop $7p.p.p.n. state run camp site, nice guy, good showers. Town centre location.(RECOMMENDED)

S26 34 805 E18 07 846

Breman Farm. Excellent cottage lodge and camping to be had here. The co-ordinates are of the cottage and not the farm, which is easy to find!!Fantastic owners. Very quiet. Excellent showers and star gazing (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!). (pictures to come)

S27 51 531 E17 52 562

Springbok. $5 p.p.p.n. Two km out of town grass camping good showers and quiet. Good to and from Namibian boarder. (RECOMMENDED)

S29 38 808 E17 53 340

Augrabies Falls.$20 per tent. Good camping and showers. Flies, midges and monkeys a pain in the arse. Gift shop sold food, milk and cereals as well as gifts

S28 35 590 E20 20 076

Griekwastad Wind Pump Guest House. Converted house into a homely guest accommodation. run by a friendly, welcoming, warm couple. Under canopy bike parking. Safe.

S28 35 590 E20 20 077  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!).

Afri Sleep. Excellent  self catering apartments. Lovely  owners. Very clean, quiet and 1km walk to the small town that has all you need. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!).

S28 37 318 E28 12 999

Dundee, Kwa Rie Camping and Caravan. Nice site 50R p.p.p.n. +50R for tent. Clean, quiet & near town but not walking distance. (RECOMMENDED)

S28 10 307 E3013 350

Swaziland  backpackers. Excellent place. $10 p.p.p.n. swimming  pool, bar, beer $1.3 for 330ml can. Pool table and guide books huge house

S26 30 397 E31 15 003

St. Lucia Sugarloaf camping. Good site clean good grass to pitch on. 85R p.p.p.n. Can watch hippos and crocs 50 meters from site. Nice town 2km.

S28 22 984 E32 25 151

Bomvu camping,  Coffee Bay. Ok site, beware soft drug sellers, grass to camp on, staff too full on for our tastes, did not use showers, not our scean. Quieter  than next door. Gated. R6 p.p.p.n.

S31 59 220 E29 08 707

Lake Superior, Knysna, nice place and staff, helpful, friendly, clean rooms and kitchen, did not shower, walk into town, secure gated, beer R10 340 cl bottle, R60 p.p.p.n.

S34 02 157 E23 02 36

Cape Town, Days Gone Bye, detached 1950’s themed double room, en-suit shower, R200 per night, under canopy parking, secure gated. Mini bar, laundry, shuttle service &  food available. Friendly  owners. +27828521514

S33 55 531 E18 32 457


For those of you that like numbers and maybe wandering how far and how much, brace yourselves for the totals of this leg……

Fuel used, 1680.98 Litres

Fuel cost, 1421.40 Euros

Fuel economy, 15.15 km/ Litre

Camping,  E 5.19 per night, average

17.91 Km per Euro

Camping total,  E 1101.55

Distance covered, 24,952 km

Divide this by two people and I reckon that a good price for a six month adventure, if you REALLY DON”T mind roughing it now and again!!


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